Let's continue exploring the interior spaces of Romeo, our camperized truck. Today, we'll take a closer look at the bathroom and the sleeping area, all with the aim of sharing the choices we've made and the suppliers we've turned to.

The conception of the interior layout of a camper, regardless of its size, is the result of a balance between functionality and style—a unique representation of each individual. Every person shapes an environment that reflects themselves, making each camper perfect in the eyes of its creator.

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List of Components Used on Romeo

We covered all the metal grilles with the fabric used for audio speakers, the micro-perforated dustproof sheet that protects the sound systems, and we bought it on Amazon


Tessuto per casse audio

We chose an Outbound porthole considering the importance of the material it is made of, taking into account adverse weather conditions, vibrations, and potential impacts during off-road excursions.

As an example, unlike windows made of plastic material, tempered glass windows are less susceptible to damage caused by branches or rocks that may fall on the vehicle. Additionally, tempered glass exhibits greater resistance to high temperatures. In contrast, plastic skylights are lighter than their glass counterparts. Outbound portholes utilize a configuration with double tempered glass. In this context, the ECE R43 and DOT certification becomes important, ensuring that the glass complies with regulations for use on vehicles circulating on public roads.

In high-altitude regions, there is a difference in pressure compared to low-altitude areas. When traveling in such zones, there is a decrease in atmospheric pressure, while the pressure inside the glass remains constant. For this reason, the presence of a pressure valve is crucial in the windows of campers and vehicles designed for expeditions. The pressure valve regulates pressure variations between the glass panels, thus preventing the risk of expansion and breakage when the external air pressure decreases. During rapid changes in altitude, the pressure valve allows a brief passage of air, restoring internal pressure in line with the external pressure. Outbound windows and skylights are equipped with specific pressure valves.

The effective insulation of the skylight is a crucial element. This implies that, in cold conditions, heat dissipation is minimized, while in situations of heat, the heat is retained to the maximum. Various factors impact the insulation performance:

  1. Double glazing: Skylights, including those produced by Outbound, are equipped with double glazing, thereby reducing the transfer of heat both from the inside to the outside and vice versa. This helps limit thermal dispersion during winter and maintain a cooler internal temperature in summer.
  2. Insulating materials: Skylight frames are often made with highly insulating materials, such as plastic or fiberglass-reinforced plastic. On the contrary, aluminum is less suitable because it conducts both heat and cold effectively.
  3. Sealing: Proper sealing of the skylight is essential to prevent water and heat infiltrations. Skylights are equipped with seals, often made of rubber, that seal the space between the window and the vehicle. This not only prevents drafts and heat loss but also, during hot days, inhibits the entry of hot air.
  4. Solar shading: Skylights can be equipped with sun shading devices, such as sunshades or blackout curtains. These elements are useful for blocking direct sunlight and mitigating excessive heating of the interior environment.


Oblò della Outbound

The choice fell on this toilet not only because it is adjustable, but its main strength lies in the fact that the internal coating is made of ceramic, ensuring hygiene! Finally, it features a powerful and convenient water-saving flush.


WC dometic saneo

We wanted a compact towel warmer with an elegant aesthetic, and we found this one that didn't have an excessive cost.


Scaldasalviette francese

Here are the features:

  • drying is an option in case of bad weather (obviously, energy supply is required)
  • it has low noise levels during washing: 52 dB, low noise levels during spinning: 66 dB, and even when drying: 49 dB
  • the basket type is made of stainless steel
  • it features the intelligent program: CleanJet Shower. This function allows water to penetrate every type of fabric, ensuring efficient washing
  • it allows you to know at any time how much time is left until the end of the washing cycle
  • it has a washing efficiency class: A
  • the water consumption per cycle is 28 liters


Lavasciuga 3 kg daewoo

Here are the features of the Snake series swivel mixer with a high brass spout and flexible rubber joint:

  • Snake is an innovative, modern, and essential series that focuses on both practicality and functionality
  • it is a flexible mixer adaptable for a kitchen sink or laundry sinks. Its convenience lies in the 360° swiveling and foldable high spout, allowing easy access to even the farther areas of the sink in qualsiasi direzione, consentendo di raggiungere anche zone del lavello più lontane
  • the quality materials and the flexible, rotatable, and foldable spout make Snake a durable, functional, and, above all, comfortable product over time
  • material: Brass and rubber
  • dimensions: H 41.4 x W 22.8 cm


Miscelatore orientabile Snake In Bagno

We chose this alcove cabin exclusively for its ease of installation, but in reality, its assembly proved to be more complicated than we initially thought. Therefore, we cannot claim that it is a quick solution, as the installation was not straightforward, at least for us, who are not professionals in the field.


We chose this solution for its extremely affordable cost!


This air conditioner provides flexibility and excellent cooling performance for all types of trucks. Installed on the rear wall of the cabin, it frees up space on the roof.


Condizionatore Dometic CoolAir SP 950I

The internal tank and the corrugated coil are made of AISI 316 stainless steel. The external casing is in gray polypropylene. It features a 750 W, 220 V nickel-plated copper electrical resistance.

The safety valve is set at 6 bar. The insulation is made with CFC-free expanded polyurethane. The mounting brackets are made of AISI 304 stainless steel. (The thermostatic mixer 50.189.58 is to be purchased separately.)


Scaldabagno Indel Webasto Marine Isotemp Serie SPA

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