10 Gift Ideas for the Globetrotting Mum

We all would love to surprise our globetrotting mum with the gift of her dreams or a crazy present but, the truth is, after years of gift-giving, we are running out of ideas!

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Ecco quindi che questo breve elenco ci viene in aiuto 🙂

Water-Repellent Trench Coat

It could be that Mum's rain jacket is a bit outdated, so what better occasion to give her a new, stylish water-repellent trench coat?

giacca antipioggia blog in giro in giro

The All Wrapped Up Scarf

This garment can be worn in countless ways according to need and personal style. As a scarf and/or hood, or, wrapped around the waist as a sarong, and again, draped over the shoulders as a dress and/or blanket.

La sciarpa All Wrapped Up blog in giro in giro

The Multi-Photo Frame

The multi-photo frame is a popular gift for those who love to travel and is ideal for those who prefer to give something sentimental. Gallery-style frames can contain many photos and are perfect for inserting the most beautiful photos of the trip just finished or to be filled with photos of the trip to come!

Travel Multi-Capsules

These little boxes make it possible to fit many capsules on the day they are to be taken. It is also possible to create customised packs by purchasing individual capsule holders and then assembling them as needed. Not only that, skin care products, hair care products, jewellery, medication and other small essentials can also be placed in these boxes.

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A Portable Charger for the Mobile Phone

The battery life of mobile phones has definitely improved in recent years but, as is always the case, the moment you need it the most, the phone goes dead. Giving a portable charger as a gift is not only compact but also useful and easy to find in a bag as big as your Mum's bag.

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A Portable Retractable Mini Clothesline

Travelling light means having to wear the same clothes several times, which is why it is so useful to have a portable, retractable mini clothesline. In that way, hand-held laundry can be hung out wherever you are; simply stretch the elastic cord and hook the wet clothes onto the clothes pegs.

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The Triple-Folding Glasses Case

This triple glasses case is foldable and allows you to carry up to three pairs of glasses (for prescription eyeglasses, prescription sunglasses and regular sunglasses). In that way, they are always at hand and easily transferred from one bag to another.

tripla custodia pieghevole per gli occhiali

A Travel Document Holder

Consider a travel document holder made of waterproof material and with an RFID (radio frequency identification) blocking system that prevents microchip readers from collecting personal information. These cases allow users to insert their passport, credit cards, airline tickets, cash and driver's licence.

custodia porta documenti di viaggio blog in giro in giro

Stainless Steel Cutlery Travel Set

A set of stainless steel cutlery for travelling. This gift will not only be more than welcome, it will also be a gift that shows that you care about the environment and the future of our planet.

Set da viaggio di posate in acciaio blog in giro in giro

A Nail Care Kit

A nail care kit is an extremely useful gift, especially since we all know how annoying it is to have broken nails and not be able to cut or file them. There are many packages with more or less accessories, but since they are intended for travelers, I suggest you choose a smaller one. It will be just as useful!

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Surely your globetrotting Mum will appreciate a gift that aims to cuddle her and improve her travel experience 🙂

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