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Rio Celeste (Celeste River) runs through Volcan Tenorio National Park, which was opened in 1976. The park is rich in a large and varied quantity of flora and fauna, such as pumas and friendly capuchin monkeys, and boasts four volcanos and two craters, even if its main attraction is the Rio Celeste.

The colour of its water is really as beautiful as it looks like in pictures, so beautiful that it seems artificial and the temptation to dive and have a swim in the blue river is really strong. Unfortunately it’s not allowed, in order to preserve its properties and give the chance to future tourists to enjoy this astonishing natural beauty too. You could think every spot in Costa Rica has been discovered, but actually this small Central American country is still full of surprises and misteries of nature.

One of these mysteries in Costa Rica is the Rio Celeste, a real miracle of nature.

This area, the Guanacaste Conservation Area, has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1999.

The beautiful river and the waterfall look like a painting. At a certain point the water of this river suddenly becomes incredibly light blue and, trust me, you’ll be enchanted as we were!

Laguna Azul

El Teñidero

The legend of Rio Celeste

Legend has it that Rio Celeste got its almost surrealistic shade when God dipped in it the brushes he had used to paint the blue sky.

According to scientists from the Universidad de Costa Rica, the almost surrealistic shade of Rio Celeste is not a chemical phenomenon, but an optical illusion.

The researchers have discovered a whitish layer covering the rocks at the bottom of Rio Celeste, made up of aluminium, silicon and oxygen. This last one reflects the sunlight through the water, giving the river the clue colour that makes it so special to our eyes.

Keep in mind that you’ll need at least three hours at a good pace to visit all the places close to Rio Celeste. On the other hand, if you want to have a leisurely walk to watch intently the lovely, little animals around you, then the number of hours needed will increase as a consequence.

Rio Celeste and the park are in the North of Costa Rica, in a distant and sparsely populated region where buses don’t run frequently and don’t reach the park, hence you’ll need to rent a car or join a group tour to visit this place.

Always check the opening hours because when we went there, the last allowed entrance to the park was at 2 p.m.

At the end of the visit we had lunch at the pub in the area in front of the Visitor Centre. It has been a good choice and prices where quite good.

Happy walking!

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