Since we stayed just 2 days in Marrakesh, this journey has been kind of a tour de force, but it was really worth it!

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Marrakesh, or Marrakech according to the French spelling (Arabic: مراكش), got its nickname “Red City” from its red walls and the various buildings erected using sandstone which, together with the aroma wafting towards it, makes the city enchanting. By saying “enchanting” I really mean it makes you feel like living in a fairytale.

Worth a visit

IThe sunset over the Medina

The first amazing panorama to take our breath away was the sunset over the Medina, the historical center of Marrakesh, in the medieval old town. We recommend to “get lost in the Medina” and its typical Souk: a fabled labyrinth of narrow alleys where your eyesight and sense of smell will be captured by the colours and pleasant smells of the Moroccan culture and people.

Photo by Silke from Pixabay

Jemaa el Fna square

Jemaa el Fna square, an UNESCO world heritage site, is the core and symbol of Marrakesh, a wide area that turns into a fairytale when the sun goes down. In just a few minutes the square gets crowded with snake charmers, jugglers, acrobats and story-tellers, Berber women who tattoes tourists with henna, pedlars and hundreds of street food stands.

2 giorni a Marrakech blog in giro in giro piazza serpente piazza Jemaa el Fna
Photo by Julian Hacker from Pixabay

The Palmeraie

The Palmeraie (palm grove), which you can explore on a sunset camel ride. We rather preferred to do it by bus and by feet. This is the biggest palm grove in Marrakesh, an 8km oasis made up of millions of trees – definitely worth a visit.

The Kutubiyya Mosque

Kutubiyya Mosque (Jāmiʿ al-Kutubiyya) is the main religious building in the city and its minaret, which is 69 meters high, it’s impossible not to see. Some locals told us this minaret and the one in Seville are twin buildings.

2 giorni a Marrakech blog in giro in giro moschea parco
Photo by Hicham atatri from Pixabay

What to eat

In Marrakesh we ate the best tagine lamb with plums ever. It is a typical North-African, especially Moroccan, dish and it is named after the earthenware pot in which it is cooked.

The restaurant where we ate is called Argana and we heartily recommend it. This venue is sadly known for an explosion due to a terroristic attack in 2011 where the first floor was completely destroyed, while part of the ground floor of the coffee shop remained intact. However this event should be only an incentive to go back there.

Cosa vedere in 2 giorni nella città rossa di Marrakech tajine Marocco
Photo by Naim Benjelloun from Pixabay

Where to spend the night

We slept in a Riad in the pedestrian area close to the Medina and we found it suitable to us, but we have to say that all the Riads in the pedestrian zone are equally beautiful and comfortable.

Just an advice: let somebody pick you up in order not to get lost in the streets.

What to buy


Lanterns are a typical souvenir. The light reflections given by the elegant colour immediately bring to mind the Moroccan atmospheres.

Spices and Tajine

I mentioned earlier that I had the best tajine ever in this wonderful city. Could I not buy the ceramic tajine with a multitude of spices? The tajine is the most important dish in Morocco and in fact the ceramic pot has the same name as the dish!

Enjoy your stay in the city of fairytales!

Ciao da Cris e Marco del blog in giro in giro

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