Good morning adventurers! Today I am going to take you to a truly magical place in the heart of Piedmont, just a stone's throw from Turin. Welcome to the 'Bosco Magico di Montalto Dora', where nature itself literally dances beneath your feet, creating an enchanted atmosphere: we are in the famous 'Terre Ballerine', also known as the 'Natural Trampoline'.

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Terre Ballerine il Tappeto Elastico Naturale nel Bosco Magico di Montalto Dora Italia - stradina in giro in giro blog

The Magic Wood of Montalto Dora

The magical forest of Montalto Dora is a fairytale experience. Here, among ancient trees and meandering streams, the Terre Ballerine steal the show. This enchanted forest is a place where nature and fantasy meet, and the Terre Ballerine are undoubtedly the stars.

Le Terre Ballerine

The Ballerina Lands, also known as the 'Natural Trampoline', are one of nature's most extravagant wonders. These lands consist of a layer of clay mixed with sand, supported by a rock underneath. But the magic is when you walk on it: the ground dances under your feet!

Watch this beautiful video dedicated to the dancing lands of Albyphoto Urbex

Memories of the Elderly

Elderly residents of the area tell stories of how, as children, they would see the tall trees sway until they were on the ground. This makes the experience of the Dancing Lands all the more fascinating as it is a wonder that has fascinated generations.

A Historic Past

It is worth mentioning that between 1400 and 800 BC this place was a lake dwelling village. The evidence comes from the discovery in 1895 of a number of archaeological finds, including an axe, a sword and a pirogue. These archaeological finds tell us a fascinating story of a distant past.

Terre Ballerineil Tappeto Elastico Naturale nel Bosco Magico di Montalto Dora Italia - casa in giro in giro blog

Preserving the Magic

This enchanted place is a natural treasure and must be preserved for future generations. The Ballerina Lands are a unique heritage, so please respect the local rules to maintain its integrity. Remember, the magic of the Ballerina Lands is precious and we must protect it!

The Enduring Charm of the Terre Ballerine

The Magic Forest of Montalto Dora and the Terre Ballerine are an irresistible attraction for those who want to get in touch with nature and live unforgettable experiences. This place is truly an enchantment, an experience that will make you smile and dance with joy.

Where to Find Them

If you want to visit these Terre Ballerine, once you arrive in Montalto Dora, ask the locals for directions and make yourself a small map, because they are hidden in the vegetation and despite the information on the various signs, it is not at all easy to find them.

Terre Ballerineil Tappeto Elastico Naturale nel Bosco Magico di Montalto Dora Italia - mappa terre ballerine in giro in giro blog
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Visit to Borgo di Montalto Dora with its Solitary Castle and the Church of San Rocco

When you have finished dancing in the Terre Ballerine, I suggest you visit the village of Montalto Dora, with its solitary castle dating back to the mid-12th century.

Over the centuries, the castle was destroyed, rebuilt and renovated until 1890, when it was restored by Alfredo d'Andrade to its present appearance. Now privately owned, the castle is an integral part of the Roman village on which it stands. In ancient times it served as a fortress guarding the Ivrea lake plain and the road to the Aosta Valley. For opening hours, please visit the website

Terre Ballerineil Tappeto Elastico Naturale nel Bosco Magico di Montalto Dora Italia - castello di montalto dora in giro in giro blog

The small church of San Rocco, built at the end of the 15th and beginning of the 16th century, contains a cycle of frescoes of historical interest and is well worth a visit.

Terre Ballerineil Tappeto Elastico Naturale nel Bosco Magico di Montalto Dora Italia - chiesetta di san rocco montalto dora in giro in giro blog

Interesting facts

In recent years, the Castle of Montalto Dora has been chosen as the location for two films: in 2006 it was used for the remake of the TV drama 'La Freccia Nera', starring Riccardo Scamarcio and Martina Stella, and in 2011 it was used by director Dario Argento for the filming of Dracula 3D.

I also leave you with the link to this interesting video about Montalto Dora, so that you can learn many interesting things about this place of mysterious and ancient paths.

Finally, if you have more time on your hands, we suggest you take advantage of it to discover Ivrea, a stone's throw from Montalto Dora, one of the 20 most beautiful "towns on a river" in Italy (Ivrea is washed by the Dora Baltea) and a Unesco World Heritage Site.

So what are you waiting for? I assure you, this is one of those adventures you will remember with a smile all your life. The beauty of nature will never cease to amaze you, and it is right under your feet, ready to make your hearts and those of your little explorers dance!

Ciao da Cris e Marco del blog in giro in giro

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