10 tricks to made an ideal trip for your baggage too

Today I am talking about luggage and the 10 secrets to put in your suitcase before boarding that should reduce to the minimum the chance that your luggage will be misplaced or damaged and make finding any misplaced luggage simple and quick.

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After 10 years working in the airlines I could say that I learned a lot of tricks! 🙂

It is advisable to arrive at check-in before the check-in time limit: this will help the airline to have more time to carry out boarding operations.

Do not put liquids or perishable foods in your baggage. This could damage it and make it difficult to handle.

Remember to remove any labels from previous trips that are still on your baggage: old labels could make necessary to detain your baggage as they can make difficult for airport devices to read them optically.

Check that the name, residence or home address and telephone number on the baggage label are up-to-date. Place an identical label inside your baggage in case of checks by the authorities. In case of accidental detachment of the outer tag, the authorities may contact you when they find your contact details inside.

Make sure that the baggage label matches the passenger traveling (who traveling with that baggage).

Make sure the handle on which the label is attached is free from objects that may make it difficult for airport scanners to read.

Take a photo of your baggage or note the brand, type and colorThese details will be the first you are asked for in case of misplaced baggage.

Check that your baggage receipts are collected and attached to the back of your boarding pass. You will be asked for them if you lose your baggage.

Upon arrival, remember that you can be assisted by the staff in charge at the Lost & Found Office..

In the event of lost or damaged baggage, do not leave the airport unless you have received the file opening code and the corresponding receipt issued by the Lost & Found offices.

Happy trip to you and your baggage!

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