Top 20 best-selling items in the United States in the travel category

Good morning friends! Have you seen the list of the 20 best-selling items in the US in the travel category yet? If the answer is no, then don't miss the list I have prepared for you! 🙂

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Do you love traveling? On this page we are going to discover the items that Americans love to buy for their travels. Maybe in the end we will find something we like too!


8 Set Packing Cubes Luggage Packing Organizers for Travel Accessories Link Amazon

nr 001 Set da 8 pezzi di organizzatori per bagagli


Vacuum travel compression bags for travel, cruises Link Amazon

nr 002 sacchetti a compressione da viaggio sottovuoto per viaggi crociera


Ultra fine plastic continuous spray bottle for water. Sprayer for hairdressing, cleaning, plants, essential oils, perfumes and more Link Amazon

nr 003 Bottiglia a spruzzo continuo vuota in plastica ultra fine per nebulizzare acqua


The original portable, rain, windproof, strong and compact travel umbrella, perfect for car, backpack and on the road Link Amazon

nr 004 ombrello da viaggio portatile Ombrelli per pioggia antivento


6 Set of luggage packing cubes, compression, expandable organizers Link Amazon

nr 005 Set Cubi di imballaggio a compressione Accessori da viaggio Organizzatori


Spray bottle, ultra-fine and continuous water mist, for hair, cleaning, plants, misting and skin care Link Amazon

nr 006 Bottiglia spray per capelli 150 ml nebulizzatore d'acqua continuo ultra fine


Toiletry travel bag with hook, water-resistant make-up bag, travel organiser for accessories Link Amazon

nr 007 Borsa da viaggio per toilette con gancio


Unisex mini belt bag with adjustable strap, small pouch for training, running, traveling, hiking Link Amazon

nr 008 Mini borsa da cintura unisex con cinturino regolabile Piccolo marsupio


Tsa-approved, leak-proof travel bottles for toiletries, for all liquids, refillable, suitable for shampoo, cosmetic lotions, soap, etc. Link Amazon

nr 009 Bottiglie da viaggio per articoli da toeletta Contenitori da viaggio


Travel adapter type I with 2 USB ports, 2 European, 2 American outputs, US to Australian, Fiji Argentina, China, charger plug converter Link Amazon

nr 010 Adattatore di spina adattatore da viaggio di tipo I con 2 porte USB Europa 2 pin


Digital luggage scale, for weighing luggage, portable with temperature sensor, rubber coating, battery included Link Amazon

nr 011 Bilancia digitale per bagagli per il peso delle valigie


Compact and foldable windproof travel umbrella with case Link Amazon

nr 012 Ombrello da viaggio antivento Ombrello pieghevole compatto a reversibile


4 Set of organiser bags for transport cases, in various colours, in 4 sizes (extra large, large, medium, small) Link Amazon

nr 014 6 Set of Various Colored Packing Cubes in 4 Sizes


Transparent plastic umbrella with automatic opening, foldable, for traveling, lightweight, unisex Link Amazon

nr 013 Ombrello in plastica trasparente ad apertura automatica Ombrello pieghevole da viaggio leggero unisex


Travel bag, sports gym bag, shoulder bag for night/weekend, for women Link Amazon

nr 015 Borsone da viaggio, borsa sportiva da palestra, borsa a tracolla Weekender Overnight per le donne


Gym bag, travel, sports, with USB charging port, with wet clothes pocket and shoe compartment, unisex, suitable for travel, gym, yoga, school Link Amazon

nr 016 Borsa da viaggio sportiva con porta di ricarica USB con tasca umida e scomparto per scarpe


Transparent, zipped, travel-sized make-up/toilet bag for airport transport, airline-compliant, TSA approved Link Amazon

nr 017 Borse per il trucco trasparenti con cerniera borsa per la toilette approvata dalla TSA


Travel backpack for laptops, slim and durable, with USB charging port, water resistant Link Amazon

nr 018 Zaino da viaggio per computer portatili


Overnight bag/bag/hand luggage foldable unisex travel bag Link Amazon

nr 019 Borsa pieghevole da viaggio con bagaglio a mano per donne e uomini


Overnight bag/bag/hand luggage foldable unisex travel bag Link Amazon

nr 020 Cubi di imballaggio a compressione per viaggi organizzatori di bagagli per valigie

We liked #2 and #14, of course we knew them, but we hadn't evaluated them yet!

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