10 perfect gifts for the globetrotting Dad

The 19th of March is approaching together with the opportunity to make all the Dads of the world feel special with a gift dedicated to them 🙂

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If your dad is one of those always ready to go, then you can surprise him with a travel-themed gift idea. Customized or not, these items are also perfect for dads who do not desire anything and we are sure that one of these gifts will surely make him a big smile!

Charger Cord Organizer

As travelers, we know that a thousand cables are needed for a thousand things: tablets, mobile phones, laptops, GPS, cameras, etc. This handy cable organiser will help to keep everything together in an organised way, perfect for putting in briefcases or hand bags.

Organizzatore per cavi di ricarica
Image by RGMontgomery from Pixabay

GoPro Portable Camera

Great for capturing high-quality images and video, these cameras can be taken on any trip. These cameras have a stylish, compact design and are designed to be robust even in extreme situations.

Telecamera portatile GoPro
Image by manseok Kim from Pixabay

Portable coffee machine

When you travel, it is not always possible to find a coffee shop where you can get a good cup of coffee. For all Dads who are coffee addicted, there are these portable coffee machines that make perfect Espresso coffee without electricity!

Macchina da caffè portatile
Image by Samnang So from Pixabay

Portable solar-charged battery charger

Nowadays we are all addicted to computer devices, especially when we are traveling, to take photos, to stay in touch with family members, to be able to make phone calls, to be able to download videos and a thousand other things. But all devices are only useful if you can keep your battery charged! That's why the solar-powered portable battery charger was created: a kit that charges devices with impressive capacity.

Caricabatterie portatile a ricarica solare
Image by Horacio Lozada from Pixabay

Cufflinks with a world map

A pair of cufflinks with a world map will remind to your Dad both of you and of his favorite places, it is a special gift for a man who loves to travel.

Gemelli con la mappa del mondo
Image by Manhattan from Pixabay

Travel shirt holder

In addition to leisure trips, there are also business trips, and dads need to store their shirts in a way that keeps them protected. The travel shirt holder is the right accessory to ensure that the collar remains protected.

Porta camicie da viaggio
Image by Steve Adcock from Pixabay


A drone is a great gift for dads who love travel and technology. Not surprisingly, you can find it on all the lists of the best gifts to give on Father's Day!

Image by Thomas Ehrhardt from Pixabay

Swiss Army Knife

Men like the Swiss Army knife because it is a useful accessory for a thousand occasions. It is definitely one of the best travel gifts to give to dads. Be sure just to remind him to leave it at home when he is traveling by plane!

Image by 金召 步 from Pixabay

Customised Toblerone

For greedy dads, here is the customised Toblerone in different sizes! How can he resist so much sweetness?

Toblerone personalizzato
Image by Hans from Pixabay

A book about survival

There are so many books on the survival topic, below we list the 5 books that in our view are the best, of course it is our personal opinion 🙂

Image by Dariusz Sankowski from Pixabay

Good choice and best wishes to all Dads!

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