A destination rich in history, natural beauty and culture, Montefiore Conca is a charming town in the Italian region of Emilia-Romagna.

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Montefiore Conca is the main medieval town of Valle della Conca and one of the beloved places of the House of Malatesta and still today it remains a deeply fascinating and historically significant town. It’s not a coincidence that Montefiore is on the high-profile “Most Beautiful Villages of Italy” and “Orange Flags” shortlists of the Italian Touring Club and, even if not expressly mentioned on any guide, surely one of the most romantic itineraries ever. Reading what follows, you will understand why.

With its picturesque historic centre and panoramic views of the surrounding hills, Montefiore Conca offers visitors a unique experience. In this article we explore the best things to do during a visit to Montefiore Conca, from its historical attractions to its breathtaking views.

  1. Visit to the Rocca Malatestiana
  2. Stroll around the historic centre
  3. Visit the Malatesta Theatre
  4. Take scenic walks
  5. Taste the gastronomy
  6. Take part in cultural events and activities
  7. Fall in love with the legend of Constance and Orman, one of the most beautiful love stories
  8. Interesting facts
  9. Where to spend the night
  10. Conclusions


Visit to the Rocca Malatestiana

One of the main attractions of Montefiore Conca is the Rocca Malatestiana, an imposing medieval fortress that dominates the village like a stone sentinel of the Malatesta lands.

Built in the 13th century, the fortress offers a spectacular panoramic view of the surrounding countryside. Inside you can visit the Archaeological and Historical Museum, which houses an extensive collection of artefacts and works of art relating to the history of the region.

As a result of the archaeological research begun in the summer of 2006, major discoveries have been made. These gave us the chance to foster the relationship between the site and some historical sources, according to which it was believed that the castle was built around 1337 and commissioned by the Malatesta Guastafamiglia (1299c.-1364). It’s sure that in 1347 the castle had already been built and was habitable, sure enough in that year the King and Queen of Hungary were hosted there. The castle remained then under the supremacy of the Malatesta family until Pope Pius II Piccolomini took back the control over it, in the second half of the fifteenth century.

Although it was born with a defensive nature, the Castrum Montis Floris was then enlarged and embellished with some frescoes around the Sixties of the 14th century by Malatesta Ungaro, in order to become a residence too. Afterwards it was also renovated and fortified by Sigismondo Pandolfo in the early 15th century.

Thanks to a recent restoration campaign, the public can now enter all the ancient rooms, including the emperor’s room, where there are some paintings inspired by the Aeneid and attributed to Jacopo Avanzi, a painter from the middle-class. In the Throne room some other fragments of his paintings are exhibited.

Seven, small introduction panels positioned in the exhibition itinerary, narrate moments of life and history that actually took place in this Rocca. As often happens, the official chronicle of the Malatesta recounts the family scandals in a very hasty way. They are sometimes barely mentioned or even completely distorted. For example it took 640 years to reveal a true and pure love,

Seven, small introduction panels positioned in the exhibition itinerary, narrate moments of life and history that actually took place in this Rocca. As often happens, the official chronicle of the Malatesta recounts the family scandals in a very hasty way. They are sometimes barely mentioned or even completely distorted. For example it took 640 years to reveal a true and pure love, real and overwhelming, that had always been untold, hidden and poorly depicted.

Montefiore Conca Affreschi

numero 2 sfondo azzurro

Stroll around the historic centre

Getting lost in the cobbled streets and charming corners of the historic centre of Montefiore Conca is a fascinating experience. You can admire the old stone houses, small squares and charming churches that line the streets.

Don't miss the Church of San Rocco, with its medieval frescoes, and the Church of San Francesco, with its splendid Gothic façade.

Centro storico Montefiore Conca


Visit the Malatesta Theatre

The Malatesta Theatre is an important cultural venue located in the historical centre of Montefiore Conca. It is named after the Malatesta family, one of the noble families that have played an important role in the history of the region.

Built in the 19th century, it is a building of great historical and architectural value, with an elegant neoclassical façade and a sumptuously decorated interior. The auditorium has a horseshoe shape with balconies, boxes and a frescoed ceiling.

The theatre is still active and hosts a variety of performances including plays, concerts, ballets and other artistic events. Its exceptional acoustics and atmospheric atmosphere make it an ideal place to enjoy quality cultural events.

If you are interested in culture and the performing arts, I highly recommend that you include a visit to the Teatro Malatesta in your itinerary in Montefiore Conca. It will be an opportunity to immerse yourself in the history and atmosphere of this fascinating theatre.

Il Teatro Malatesta Montefiore Conca in giro in giro blog


Take scenic walks

The hills surrounding Montefiore Conca offer many opportunities for scenic walks. Well-marked paths lead through vineyards, olive groves and woods, offering spectacular views of the surrounding countryside. Along the way you will come across ancient watchtowers and the remains of ancient fortifications, testimony to the region's rich history.

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Taste the gastronomy

During your visit to Montefiore Conca, be sure to taste the delicious local cuisine. The region is famous for its gastronomic products, including cheeses, cold cuts and mushroom delicacies. Enjoy lunch in one of the town's typical restaurants and taste the regional specialities accompanied by a glass of local wine.


Take part in cultural events and activities

The romantic night

One night a year, Rocca di Montefiore Conca waits for you to show itself in all its beauty, on this evening dedicated to Love. Donna Costanza Malatesta and her beloved Cavalier Ormanno lead the guests through the rooms of the ancient fortress, making them experience their true romance in a location where, on this occasion, only the gentle light of candles and torches gleams, as back then.

The live Nativity scene

At Christmas time the streets of the castle become the setting for a large live Nativity scene. Performers in stage clothes put on the daily life in the Rocca, precisely recreated in every detail. This historical enactment is such a well-known cult event that booking an accommodation in advance is really needed.

Rocca di Luna

Rocca di Luna takes place every year during the full moon week in July. Three days of celebration, in which several shows and events take place together with theater, music, poetry, art, entertainment activities. The whole Borgo Antico, the squares and the most evocative roads turn into a place of gathering, culture and amusement.

To keep informed on the dates of the events, please check out the website https://www.comune.montefiore-conca.rn.it/notizie

Montefiore conca sito ufficiale notizie ed eventi


Fall in love with the legend of Constance and Orman, one of the most beautiful love stories

The legend of Constance and Ormanno is one of the most beautiful love stories linked to Montefiore Conca. This romantic story tells of the forbidden love between a young countess and a noble knight.

Costanza Malatesta was the only legitimate daughter of Ungaro Malatesta, the lord of Montefiore and Violante D’Este (Ferrara). Well educated and with a very rebellious personality, Costanza received a really substantial dowry from her father because he was worried that nobody would marry her due to her questionable temperament. As a consequence, he showered her with many belongings, in order to make it more likely for her to get married.

In 1363 Costanza got married to Ugo d’Este, who was the brother of her stepmother, Costanza d’Este, as Violante passed away after the birth of Costanza Malatesta. Ugo d’Este, her husband, died at the age of 26, precisely in 1370, after only seven years of marriage. He left the young widow Costanza Malatesta, who was only twenty years old. Once alone, she came back to Montefiore and spent her last few years there, together with her beloved father, Ungaro, who died in 1372.

One day the castle was reached by a large army, where a young knight from a far away duchy in Alamannia, was in command of 50 lances. His name was Ormanno. The young Costanza Malatesta’s eyes met his and one of the most romantic relationships ever flourished and continued in the castle, in those rooms still full or their emotions.

Costanza’s uncle, Galeotto Malatesta, lost all of his authority when his brother died, so he hated his young niece, the only living heir. He tried to obstruct her relationship in every way. On the 15th September 1378 he had a hired assassin kill the two young lovers. That night Costanza and Ormanno were in the same bedroom, holding each other tight, when a man with a sword emerged from the darkness. In just one moment he jumped on the unlucky couple. Ormanno didn’t have any weapons with him, he tried to protect his beloved one with all his strength and, while trying to let her go away, he attempted to protect himself from that barely indulgent blade with his bare hands. But he couldn’t and they were both killed.

The wicked uncle tried to keep their romance hidden, the same way he tried to hold back the truth and to never have the corpses of the two lovers uncovered. The two still haven’t been found. It’s thought that their bodies are still hidden somewhere in the castle, but the only witnesses of this story are the silent stones of this charming castle.

The legend of Constance and Ormanno has become part of the cultural heritage of Montefiore Conca, and their romantic love is celebrated in events and festivals throughout the region. It is a reminder of the emotions that love can arouse and of the strength to pursue one's feelings even when fate seems to be against you.

This timeless love story continues to inspire and move people, conveying the message that true love can overcome any obstacle and that the heart knows no boundaries.


Interesting facts

In the courtyard of the castle there is a well with a very important meaning

It’s said that one day, as often happened, Costanza Malatesta was leaning against that well in the courtyard, made of white Istrian marble stones. It was decorated with the coat of arms of her mother’s family, who she missed more than ever. Gazing at that patch of sky reflected in the water, it suddenly seemed to her as if she saw a woman: it was her mother’s face and her beautiful facial features, which not even death could alter.

As well-known as the ghost of Costanza, it’s the mystery about Sigismondo‘s treasure

Much has been said about this treasure, so well hidden that all the countless attempts to find it, failed. The canon Vitali claims that the treasure had been walled in by Sigismondo Pandolfo in the Rocca, maybe in the Torre del Diavolo, but today it hasn’t been found yet.


Where to spend the night

I would like to tell you that you can spend the night in the castle, but unfortunately this is not possible!

We recommend a B&B called Il Borgo Antico https://borgoanticobeb.it/ The rooms are spacious, comfortable, clean and well-finished. The location is great, very close to the Rocca and from the veranda you can admire the amazing green hills of this still unknown area.



In conclusion, Montefiore Conca is a hidden gem in Emilia-Romagna, offering a fascinating combination of history, natural beauty and culture. From the majestic Rocca Malatestiana to the picturesque old town, from scenic walks to delicious local cuisine, this destination has much to offer visitors.

Whether you are a history enthusiast, a nature lover or a gourmet, or in love with legends and castles, Montefiore Conca will captivate you with its authenticity and charm.

Are you excited about the possibilities this fascinating place has in store for you?

Plan your trip to Montefiore Conca. Let yourself be surprised by its timeless beauty!

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