The 10 Best Travel Accessories Everyone Should Have

As someone who travels a lot, we can say with confidence that we consider our travel accessories as something like essential.

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With that in mind here are the 10 must-have travel accessories which we are sure you would also love.

Small Dimension Sling Bag

This is the king of accessories because is great for keeping all your valuables close while exploring out-and-about. Sling bags work with the way your shoulders are designed to eliminate neck, shoulder, and backache.

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Set Including Socks, Blanket, Eye Mask And Earplugs

  • Socks: to be able to take off your shoes at any time and to be able to take a walk to stretch your legs.
  • The blanket: to be able to cover yourself in case of sudden sleepiness, low temperatures or simply because you are a little indisposed.
  • The sleeping mask: to block out unwanted light and sleep soundly everywhere and at all moments.
  • Earplugs: to sleep anywhere and at any time, to not hear noise, music, chattering and whatever else!


Favorite sunglasses are a godsend in the constantly shifting light environment and also to watch movies during a flight, or a journey by sea or train. Glasses help to get through minimizing headaches and strain on eyes

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A Water Bottle or a Travel Mug

When traveling, you always end up drinking far less water than they should and the results are headaches, dull skin and nausea. To stay well, you need to drink more water and the secret to drinking more water (or other beverages) is to carry a water bottle or a travel mug with an hermetic seal.

Neck Pillow

This is an absolute must if you want to sleep on a long travel. We like the memory foam pillows which fits a lot more snugly and your head is more supported.

Luggage Tag

Luggage tags not only help your airline to spot your luggage easier in case of lost (if you have not read the article 10 tricks to made an ideal trip for your baggage too I invite you to do it), but also make your luggage more stylish. These customised luggage tags are useful travel accessories and a great travel gift for globe-trotters..

Waterproof Hanging Travel Beauty Case

These beauty cases make it possible to have personal care accessories always at hand on business trips or holidays.

Everything used daily for women’s and men’s hygiene and beauty routines is on hand with this accessory even on a train, plane or ship, on a holiday or for work.

Mini Travel Umbrella

È un accessorio essenziale che un viaggiatore deve avere a portata di mano. A compact umbrella ready in a bag or backpack means you’ll be ready for downpours.

There’s an overwhelming amount of umbrellas to shop, big or small, manual or automatic, basic or elegant, everyone has his/her own taste and this is ours.

Waterproof Rain Jacket

Don’t let the rain ruin your trip.

Dealing with rain you must have the best waterproof gadgets and gear can help because they keep you warm and dry. In this case we suggest you the pocket format!

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Pocket Shopping Bag

Folding pouches or bags help with shopping both when traveling and in everyday life. Having one or two shopping bags on hand means you can do your grocery shopping, shopping and gift-giving at any time!

That’s all for now, see you soon!

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