What it's really like to fly first class and how to decide if it's worth it

Flying first class offers a more luxurious and comfortable travel experience than lower service classes. However, there are a number of factors to consider when deciding whether it is really worth spending part of your travel budget on a first class ticket.

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Here are the five basic things you should expect when you decide to fly first class:


Space & Comfort

First class seats usually offer more legroom, wider reclining seats and often include access to seats that convert into full beds.

This allows you to relax and rest better during the flight.

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Personalised Service & Attention

First class passengers tend to receive more attentive and personalised service.

This can include the assistance of a dedicated flight attendant, gourmet meals served on fine china and access to a wide range of beverages.


Lounge Access

First class passengers usually have access to airport lounges, which offer comfort, complimentary food and drink, luxury services such as massages or showers, and quiet areas to relax before your flight.

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Priority Boarding & Check-in

Travelling First Class gives you access to priority check-in and boarding services, allowing you to avoid queues and save time.


Additional Costs

First class tickets are notoriously more expensive than economy or business class tickets.

The available travel budget must therefore be carefully considered to determine whether the extra comfort and service offered by first class is worth the extra cost.

Ultimately, whether flying first class is worth it depends on your personal preferences, your budget and the length of your trip. If comfort, space and personal service are important to you, and you can afford it, flying first class can provide a more enjoyable and relaxing travel experience.

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For your interest - but also as a reminder - these are the airlines with the best first class:

  • Singapore Airlines: Widely known for its luxurious First Class. They offer private suites with sliding doors, fully flat beds, gourmet meals, a selection of champagne and fine wines and access to luxurious airport lounges.
  • Emirates: is renowned for its world-class luxury experience. Their private suites offer comfort and privacy, gourmet food service, in-flight bars, in-flight spa showers and access to exclusive airport lounges.
  • Etihad Airways: offers refined First Class with private suites, seats that convert into beds, gourmet dining, inflight bars and access to their luxurious airport lounges.
  • Cathay Pacific: Offers first class with private suites, attentive service, quality food, a selection of fine beverages and access to its luxurious airport lounges.
  • Qantas: offers first class with private suites, personalised service, gourmet meals and access to its exclusive airport lounges.

These are just some of the airlines that are often cited for their high-quality first class service. However, it is important to note that the offer and quality of first class can vary between different airlines and even within the same airline. For this reason, I recommend doing specific research on the options available for your desired route and consulting other travellers' reviews to get more detailed information on the first class experience offered by each airline.

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