6 tips to save money for travel

Wondering how to save money for travelling?

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First of all, you need to know that for travelling you don't need to be rich, you just need determination and perseverance to put aside the little nest egg.

That said, here are our 6 tips to help you save up the money you need for your next trip.

Do not travel with borrowed money

Our number one rule for traveling is to never travel on borrowed money. Coming back to home with a mound of debt after a awesome travel experience will generate stress that can be avoided.

We never left home until we were sure that our monthly bills and expenses could be covered for the months we were away and the next months.

Sell your stuff

What’s the point in buying things? When you will sell stuff and you will make 5 euros on a top worth a 50 you will realize that it is a waste.

Prepare yourself to sell low and accept that people want everything for little bit more than nothing. The strategy is ‘1 stuff = 1 euro’ .

Find alternative solutions to your needs

We both made the switch to a new phone provider, today we are spoilt for choice! We cancelled Sky and we got a subscription with Netflix. The funny thing was that Sky called us and offered us Sky back for free for 3 month. If you are still paying fixed monthly fees and/or commissions on your bank account, then it’s time for you to compare the best zero-fee current accounts and choose the best one for you. Also check out how to save money on electricity and gas </strong, we switched last year.

These four actions saved us 1,700 euros in one year!


  • did you know there are credit cards that you can use to accrue points which you can result in flights and free hotel stays?
  • if you are flexible with your periods of holiday you will benefit. High season and low season have different costs!
  • You can use the ‘fly anywhere’ options for the 'cheapest routes'.

Create an automatic travel fund saving account

Now that you know how to recuperate money you need to put them into a moneybox. We suggest setting up an automatic monthly withdrawal to go into a travel savings fund. Exactly as you have automatic withdrawals for your bills or your investments. Then set up that fund! Do not waste time, set it up now!

Track your spending

If you stop at the café every day to get a snack or a coffee that you could have taken at home or at work. If you spend 5 euros a day on small things, that’s another 150 euros a month that you could have gone on trips. See how quickly you can accumulates money?

Stay committed and motivated to your dream

The last of our tips for saving money for travel is to remember why you are doing this. Put some pictures on your home walls, or a map with pins to mark your dream around the world. This will help you to commit to your goal.


The hardest part about a trip is figuring out the money. Remember: you can get it if you really want it!

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