5 benefits of travel for your mind

Many studies conclude that travelling is very beneficial for the mind for several reasons: happiness and positivity skyrocket from the moment of booking.

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So, what better reason to go? Actually... there are at least five more!


Travelling recalibrates the mind

Neuroscientists used to believe that the brain could only change during childhood but now we know that the brain is constantly changing.

Part of the experience of travelling is to leave our comfort zone and this is a way to take care of our brain, or rather, to wake up neurons that are asleep from the routine of daily actions.


Travelling helps to relax

Travel helps to relieve stress, offers the chance to make new friends with who you will share magical moments and it opens your eyes to how other people live around the world.

Travel creates memories that when they come back to your mind they generate a smile. We walked on an active volcano and on one of the many hanging bridges in Costa Rica. We swumin a Cenote in Mexico. We spend some nights in a bivouac in the Sahara desert and we drove our Mirtilla the Queen of off-road through it. We enjoyed the amazing view of the paddy field in Bali, Indonesia. We saw the floating markets in Thailand.

These are the amazing and wonderful moments we will look back on, not the amount of time we spent working or looking a television.


Travelling improves personality

When you live in another Country for a short period of time, you improve your ability to remain open to experiences, which is a fundamental personality trait. People who are more open seek new experiences and are more comfortable with the unknown.

People who are open to new experiences are more introspective and comfortable with the unknown, which helps to reduce resistance to change. In comparison, people who have a low level of this fundamental personality trait are considered closed-minded.

People who travel for long periods are more introspective and less affected by material goods.


Travelling increases trust

Trust levels are strongly correlated with happiness and trust is clearly worth investing energy in.
Travel is a powerful trust-building tool because it forces us into difficult and uncomfortable situations in which we have necessarily to trust in strangers, even those from very different cultures. These situations allow us to build trust on a sense that we are all involved together and we have shared interests and goals to pursue.


Travelling keeps you grounded

In every journey there are moments that challenge us, that ground us. Arriving at a new airport where you can not read the signs and you resign yourself to following the crowds to find your way out is discouraging, as is trying to talk to a taxi driver who doesn’t speak your language or even the only other one you know. But it is all of this that forces us to accept the discomfort and to rise above it.
Travelling is a powerful tool because it helps us to discover humanity in others and to discover a better version of ourselves in the process.

Now that you know the benefits for your mental health, where do you want to go next? 🙂

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